Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chick Times

Chick Times
By:Iris Bailey
Date: 4-24-13 Time: 6:16 PM
   Today was my first full day with the chicks! Since my morning started out pretty busy, I just had time to clean the cage.
    This afternoon, after I got home, I went to visit my chicks. After the transfer the chicks had this morning, I wanted to see how they were doing! I came in and decided that the chicks had adjusted okay so I brought my friend over!
    My friend LOVED the chicks! After she left I went to spend some time with the chicks alone. I went in and took them out of the cage to hold. I got the idea that I could take the chicks out and let run around on the floor!
    I watched Polly, Ginger and Flo run around on the floor. My dad came into the room and started to play too! My dad and I tore up some Kleenex and let the chicks pick it up and carry it around in their mouths. Next, my dad took some long strings and pulled them around on the ground. The chicks ran after the one chick, Ginger, who had the string. Finally play time was over and the chicks got back in their box.

 Chick Times
By: Iris Bailey
Date: 4-23-13   Time: 7:54 PM
I couldn't wait to get my chicks! The day took for-ever! Finally the wait was over. I GOT MY CHICKS!
Today (already) I found out the chicks are a lot of work. They poop and peep and always need something! Sill though, they are very cute.
My chicks colors are: brown, brown and yellow. The chicks' names are Polly, Ginger and Flo. The chicks are peeping now.

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