Monday, April 21, 2014

Foster Care Chicks Arrive Monday Morning!

Packing Slip for Chicks
Red Star Laying Hens
Early Morning Arrival of 52 Chicks at the Zionsville Post Office

Welsummers and Araucanas

Monday, February 3, 2014

Foster Chick Care 2014!

Get Ready!

Ages 7 & up. Would you like to learn how to provide a foster home for three or more baby chicks? Before you can take a chick home, you and a parent must attend a chick care class to learn about the care of chicks and pass a test.  We have found that older students are able to take more responsibility and combine the experience with academic projects. 

12 students will have the chance to raise three chicks from April 22nd- May 4th.  Registration begins at 8 AM on April 9th at 8 AM!  (Typically the program is full within 2 minutes after registration opens.)

Why is registration so limited? We have over 36 chicks to care for through this experience and have found it important to give each student quality supervision and guidance, for what could be, a once in a life time experience.

*** NEW
We will be raising ducklings in Youth Services for the week of April 28th - May 3rd!  This will be a fun new addition to our Spring Eggstravaganza!

We will not be hatching chicks at the Library this year. Our dear friend, Doug Akers, has retired and not available. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Egg hatching at the Library 2013 Has Begun!

Doug Ackers brought in 13 eggs for the hatcher today.
One has a small pip and will probably hatch tonight!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chick Times Volume 3 & 4

Chick Times
By: Iris Bailey
Date: 4-26-13 Time: 4:28 PM
     The chicks didn't do much. All the chicks , excepting Ginger, have started to roost. That is almost all.
     Most of the chicks have started to want to roost. They love to just sit in your hand and sleep. ROOSTING ALREADY!
     All of my chicks are getting BIGGER already! They seem more brave, too. That is really all I have to say about my chicks right now.    

Chick Times
By:Iris Bailey
Date: 4-25-13 Time: 6:28 PM
     Today the chicks didn't really do anything exciting. Mostly, they peeped and pooped and slept. Not really anything exciting.
     My other friend came over and saw the chicks. She really liked them, especially Flo! The chicks were out for a while, well my friend was over. She got all the chicks to sit on her lap. That was the most exciting.
     Other than that the chicks just did the usual. The cats are, definitely Topaz,are waiting for a never served meal. That is really all.......

Meredith--Day 1 with chicks. 1st pic with "April" and second with "May."

Chick Friendly Environment?

  And to answer your question, yes, we moved the chicks to a more "chick-friendly" environment.  :-)

Chick Times

Chick Times
By:Iris Bailey
Date: 4-24-13 Time: 6:16 PM
   Today was my first full day with the chicks! Since my morning started out pretty busy, I just had time to clean the cage.
    This afternoon, after I got home, I went to visit my chicks. After the transfer the chicks had this morning, I wanted to see how they were doing! I came in and decided that the chicks had adjusted okay so I brought my friend over!
    My friend LOVED the chicks! After she left I went to spend some time with the chicks alone. I went in and took them out of the cage to hold. I got the idea that I could take the chicks out and let run around on the floor!
    I watched Polly, Ginger and Flo run around on the floor. My dad came into the room and started to play too! My dad and I tore up some Kleenex and let the chicks pick it up and carry it around in their mouths. Next, my dad took some long strings and pulled them around on the ground. The chicks ran after the one chick, Ginger, who had the string. Finally play time was over and the chicks got back in their box.

 Chick Times
By: Iris Bailey
Date: 4-23-13   Time: 7:54 PM
I couldn't wait to get my chicks! The day took for-ever! Finally the wait was over. I GOT MY CHICKS!
Today (already) I found out the chicks are a lot of work. They poop and peep and always need something! Sill though, they are very cute.
My chicks colors are: brown, brown and yellow. The chicks' names are Polly, Ginger and Flo. The chicks are peeping now.

Baby chick pictures