Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chick Times Volume 3 & 4

Chick Times
By: Iris Bailey
Date: 4-26-13 Time: 4:28 PM
     The chicks didn't do much. All the chicks , excepting Ginger, have started to roost. That is almost all.
     Most of the chicks have started to want to roost. They love to just sit in your hand and sleep. ROOSTING ALREADY!
     All of my chicks are getting BIGGER already! They seem more brave, too. That is really all I have to say about my chicks right now.    

Chick Times
By:Iris Bailey
Date: 4-25-13 Time: 6:28 PM
     Today the chicks didn't really do anything exciting. Mostly, they peeped and pooped and slept. Not really anything exciting.
     My other friend came over and saw the chicks. She really liked them, especially Flo! The chicks were out for a while, well my friend was over. She got all the chicks to sit on her lap. That was the most exciting.
     Other than that the chicks just did the usual. The cats are, definitely Topaz,are waiting for a never served meal. That is really all.......

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